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It’s been a while

Well, it’s been way too long since I’ve updated this blog. Life happens. Since the time of my last post, I’ve ended a long term relationship, gone through a bit of an emotional “funk’, found new love and happiness, gotten married, bought a new home, welcomed a child into this world, but, guess what – I’m still a total geek. 🙂

I haven’t forgotten about this blog at all. Technology is still a huge part of my life. For my day job, I am a Solution Architect working for the BMW Group at BMW Financial Services. I’m not as active in developing iOS apps as I used to be, but I am contemplating getting back into it. I still stay on top of new trends, develop useful applications at home, and continually try to think about what’s next – both for my professional career and my home.

As for the place I call “home” – that’s changed quite a bit, but the new place is actually more technologically advanced than the last. On the new one, I didn’t have the benefit of building from scratch and pre-wiring the house for everything I wanted – but the previous homeowner was forward thinking enough that there was a great foundation to trick it out. The home currently uses Ubiquiti Networks UniFi products for corporate-level networking both wired and wireless and UniFi protect products for surveillance. There is a Leviton HiFi-2 whole house audio system, and I’ve established a pretty comprehensive Z-Wave plus home automation setup utilizing HomeSeer HS4 as the controller.

I’m going to try to start posting regularly again. I think it’s great for the soul, and I think I have a ton of information to share with whomever happens upon the pages within.

Stay tuned. I have a lot of projects that I’m working on and a lot that I have completed that I plan to share. If you’re a competent DIYer with an interest in technology – I hope to have some good content for you coming up. Thanks for stopping 🙂