Rest In Peace, Scott Kalitta

During my time working for Mac Tools, I had the pleasure of working with the Kalitta Racing Team.  I had the opportunity to attend many NHRA events, private functions, and had the honor of being able to bump elbows with some of the greatest names in Racing.

One of those greats was Scott Kalitta.  Pretty quiet in his interactions with the media, Scott was an extremely talented man that strapped himself into his race car every day knowing that he was doing what he loved.  Today's news of his untimely death in a horrific crash in Englishtown, NJ buckles my heart.

Of course, one of the saddest things to me is that in his passing, a search on YouTube doesnt even yield a tribute video (at the time of this article) – but there are already several videos of the crash itself, ripped from ESPN footage.  Why is it that our culture is obsessed with the sight of a crash and why is it that a man who is so loved in racing does not yet have a tribute video posted?

I have some footage of a press conference back in 2003 where Scott was announcing his return to racing.  I am posting that video on YouTube as we speak.  I don't think by any means that this is an all encompassing tribute, but I do feel that it illustrates the man and his excitement to be in that race car.

You can watch the video by clicking here.   You can also view all of the other videos on my YouTube "channel" by clicking here.

My deepest sympathies go out to our friends at Kalitta Racing, and the Kalitta Families.  Rest in peace Scott, we'll miss you.

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