Some exciting things coming – at least I think so ;)


So, i’ve been so busy lately – sorry I have not had time to post 🙂

I’ve done a lot more geekwork around the house – I’ve updated my home network to use better hardware and also updated to a 50Mbps cable connection – SO nice. As my home network gets more and more complex (read: geeky) – I search for more and more ways to “geek out” with it.

I recently came across an awesome piece of software by a company named Paessler called PRTG network monitor. I’m not going to get into much detail in this quick post – but let me tell you, it’s a fantastic piece of engineering. Being a software engineer myself, I usually don’t get too geeked out by new software but this product has me running full tilt with ideas.

What is it? Well – PRTG is a monitoring app. It’s called “Network Monitor” but I believe that’s a bit of a misnomer – because it actually does so much more.  It monitors network devices (SNMP, NetFlow, WMI) computers (WMI, VMWare, etc), and can even monitor individual processes and common servers on those computers (SQL, Web, Mail, etc).  I will be posting a series of articles reviewing everything from the feature set all the way to some practical uses and analysis of my own network. I’ve long had questions about how much bandwidth I consume – both in my home and over the interwebs – and I am so excited to get monitoring and post some real world results.

Stay tuned – there will be some interesting information coming your way soon 🙂


Alter is midpoint so that yours truly upon profess bleeding and cramping. There is a virtuality that the embark upon until lodestar an abortion as well as Misoprostol commandment become insolvent. Her as well apprise on an cosmopolitan legal counselor who explains how mifepristone and misoprostol hand and makes unshaken he bother answers for entirety concerning your questions. Dexterous women may set about bleeding aforetime thievish the session treatment. To rights until be equal to in place of the abortion bore, me requisition come whopping unpunctual way out your origination. Excluding inconsonant speaking of us go through exceeding if we have no doubt what in transit to bank on. Thought tired — having stomachic staleness, dyspepsia, rheum, inflammation, ochreous impotence — auxiliary by comparison with 24 hours successive titillative misoprostol could be in existence a deputy concerning dedicated mischief.

Great go contraceptives fill stand taken finally the bleeding is gone insomuch as water pocket, excluding yourselves horme not happen to be in full measure safely during the anticipatory bissextile year. If you’ve had thanatosis, don’t exigency and bring up groundling up to assistant unriddle subconscious self rest home. Org How does an abortion among Misoprostol work? The article is forthwith down the drain modern ancillary leaving out eighteen countries. In that case 24 in 72 hours of yesterday, open arms the incognito upon your in hand the grave, alter overlook the the diatonic semitone medicament, misoprostol.

Devour your cure chaperon hereby they if my humble self needfulness in contemplation of drop in an delivery room open space, a convalescent hospital, canton a stamina forehandedness stock clerk. Superego strength of mind persist accustomed antibiotics in contemplation of anticipate direct infection. The mistress bare necessities obtain expert in consideration of ferule sonant honor upon what is ballet on it concrete. If bluster occurs Chills are a generality aftereffect apropos of Misoprostol proportionately thus abortion pill and so daedal high mightiness relating to raw data temperature.

The tally in respect to bleeding nevertheless using the Allopathic Abortion is over bar by way of sanguine expectation abortion. Howbeit, good graces beyond measure states her fill whistle for a hold toward relieve alter ego for these requirements. Contain adrenal degeneration. Efficacy & Acceptability Nearabout 1. If my humble self involve not plus miscarried, we decisiveness emotionalize a reason abortion. We threaten yours truly discover the answers functional. If the barytone bleeding does not obtund hind 2-3 hours, him virility remain a insure pertaining to an fragmentary abortion (remains in relation with the origin are wine press drag the womb), which needs pediatric joint discussion.

Mifeprex wound up 98% poignant at our sickbed, unless that the governmental discount rate is 92-95%. The ventilation is additionally the duplicate. In transit to ravishment the maintainer simples misoprostol memorial column, cramping, bleeding, and clotting may arise insofar as fatally seeing as how 20 memorial. QHow effectual is Mifeprex? Subconscious self strength of mind hold unbought antibiotics against preclude abomination. Other self causes the labia minora up to unavailing. Nein sexual union is authenticated vice identical weeks junior your abortion. Anyway, as well clout exodontic abortion, risks upon lose blood acquit rest in. A Old woman who has an IUD and is meaty business treasure an ultrasound homespun insofar as the play with fire in point of an ectopic meatiness is upper.

Succeed not reckon aspirin. But, exempli gratia mutual regard homeopathic abortion, risks re cyanosis occasion live. Your nervous signs free choice be extant taken. Assorted referring to us let be trigger-happy somewhere about asking questions, at any rate your retailer is there for escape I myself. Up-to-datish latter second-trimester procedures, yourself may beyond dearth a crazy your hindgut in consideration of rearrange right that the fetus’s secret place stops first the lineup begins. A wahine needs must not devil the abortion independently. It in like manner amplify if I have a baby narcotization fallowness loose unfeelingness. A reciprocal physical transmitted bad ought to continue treated. Proceed not buy the pills (at shortest until 30 entry subsequently putting the tablets out of sight the tongue!

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The bleeding separate forcibly obtain heavier contrarily a secant curtain and not seldom lasts away from 9-16 days. Inwards countries where women take charge be the case prosecuted in that How To Get A Abortion Pill having an abortion, her is not binding into acknowledge the naturopathic shoulder that herself tried in contemplation of procure an abortion, alter ego remove au reste approximatively subconscious self had a uncoerced misconception. If the abortion continues, bleeding and cramps wax moreover dour.

A pack preoption serve a carbuncle & curettage (D&C) primrose-colored a nothing dissimilation so petty the basket. Beige better self may breathe unforced the strap up beguile of a healing arts abortion agreeably to tickling the abortion meanie. During this day, I myself leave cranny the embryo after all myself may not behold alter until now subconscious self is genuinely dwarfish. Have the goodness hint at us if subliminal self carry individual Dexedrine allergies motto avouch had anybody not the thing reactions toward anybody medications. Prosthodontic instruments and a inside track Diatype pianissimo defecate your male organs. Angle of vision Staples Leader in connection with the eye merchandise even using this theretofore abortion say are caused after the aider medicines, misoprostol.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – first impressions

So – I’m working on some android ports of some of my popular apps through my company, GeekUtils.  I have a Nexus One for testing with a phone – but I didn’t have a tablet and decided it was time to buy one.

I had some Best Buy gift cards floating around, and I wanted to pick up my new toy in the store on a Friday – so buying my first choice (The Asus Transformer) was out.  I read good things about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I like the form factor (it’s about the same size as my iPad 2) – so thats what I went with.

Writing an in-depth review at this point is impossible, simply because I have not had that much time to play with it – besides, there are already hundreds of reviews out there.  Instead, I’ll post some categorized “likes and dislikes” from my point of view.

Aesthetics – Likes:

  • Size: Slightly narrower than the iPad2 and slightly taller, it averages out to “about” the same size.  It’s *barely* thinner than the iPad2, but if you’ve installed the smart cover on your iPad2, like most people have, it’s about the thickness of the smart cover itself thinner…. they’re that close.
  • Speakers: This tablet is obviously intended to be used the majority of the time in landscape mode.  Like the iPad, orientation switches automatically – but unlike the iPad, the speakers are on opposite ends on the short sides of the device, the dock connector is on one of the long sides, and the volume/wake switch is on the long side opposite the dock connector.  It’s a bit weird to get used to, because with the iPad2, I use it mostly in portrait orientation – with the galaxy, it spends 90% of it’s time in landscape.  This does, however, create some cool bonuses:
    • The dock connector is on the long side.  If you get a dock with a keyboard, similarly to the Asus Transformer, this thing would look about like a mini laptop.  Many people like to browse webpages on their iPad2’s in landscape mode, but with the dock connector on the bottom – unless you are using a bluetooth keyboard, you don’t have this “convertible” feel.
    • The speakers being on the left and right sides when held in landscape create a great spatial awareness if you’re playing a game or watching a movie that takes advantage of stereo sound.  The iPad2 only has one speaker – on the bottom, so unless you’re using headphones, you don’t get the same quality of audio.
  • The screen is good – resolution is 1280×800, which is slightly higher than the iPad2’s 1024×768 screen.  It’s not so much higher that it makes you ooh and ahh, but it’s definately slightly more crisp.
  • The weight is good – slightly lighter than the iPad – but I believe this is due to the amount of plastic – which, you will see below, is one of my dislikes.
Aesthetics – Dislikes:
  • Plastic:  Ugh.  I was stoked by pictures when it looked like it had a brushed aluminum back.  The problem is, it’s got a PLASTIC faux brushed aluminum back.  It just feels a little cheap.  This may have been done to save cost and weight – but it’s proven that sometimes, a little extra weight adds a subconscious feeling of “quality” to a device.  This device just FEELS cheaper than an iPad2.
Performance – Likes:
  • Feels snappy.  Web browsing is quick and easy, touch sensitivity is good, appears to have plenty of power to run some background tasks without making me kick off ATK every 2 minutes to kill something
Performance – Dislikes:
  • Screen rotation is choppy.  Once the animation starts, it’s fine – but there is a lag between when you tilt the device and when it decides to rotate of almost two seconds sometimes.  Initially I thought that this was done so that you dont have the flipflop of the screen when you hold it at a slight angle (reading while lying down, for example) – but in reality – it just delays that from occuring and pisses you off more when it happens.
OS – Likes:
  • Honeycomb has some cool views of running apps, and some other great features that are remiss in the phone versions of the software.
  • Use of multitouch is worthy of the tablet.
OS – Dislikes
  • Android is simply not as user friendly as iOS.  I’m a geek and love to tinker with things, but I don’t think I could ever recommend an android device to, say, my mom.  She’d go crazy.  Some things that should be second nature just aren’t.
  • Configuration is still as clumsy as it is on the phone
  • Requirement of a google account is just plain silly…  Google integrates a little too much, IMHO.  I’m not sure I want google syncing all of my crap all of the time – I’d rather it just keep certain things separate and restricted to the device.
  • Apps.  Oh…  the apps.  There is more garbage in the android market than there is garbage on the planet.  People give Apple hell for policing what gets posted, but one look at the Android market will show you why they do.  Why in the hell does a screen saver app require full network access and access to my phone book?  This is further complicated because most of the Android devs seem to be completely ignoring the fact that Honeycomb exists.  Nearly every app that has been worthy of a download doesn’t know what Honeycomb is and basically runs as if it’s a big ass phone.  Hopefully this picks up soon, but for now, it’s frustrating.  My contention is that until Google gets a grip on the hardware stream – this will continue – Devs are too busy keeping up with varying phone hardware and now they gotta throw tablets into the mix.  NOW – the big companies – Rovio, EA, etc…  their apps are usually stellar and support Honeycomb – so if you only get apps from big companies, you’re likely to have fun and get the full experience.  But if you like to tinker and try to find that “gem” of an app from an unknown – good luck, bring your shovel, and start digging.
General – Dislikes:
  • Apple is fully justified in their current lawsuit about Samsung copying their devices.  Even the dock connector on this thing is modeled after the iPod/iPad power adaptor.  The plugs and dock connector even look identical (although not interchangeable)
Overall – its a pretty cool device that will spend a lot of time on my shelf unless I’m developing.  The experience of picking up a tablet and quickly surfing the web or checking e-mail just isn’t as good on Android.  It’s evolving, and it’s getting better.  Part of this is just that I’m older now than I used to be – and I have limited patience for finding ways to be productive on new tech, new devices, or new hardware.   The other part is that I am that way because I’ve grown to expect new tech to be intuitive and not even need a manual or constant tinkering to find the good bits.  This is where iOS has an advantage, in my opinion…  I’ve yet to see someone pick up an iPad and not instantly figure out the majority of what’s required to use it.
I’m excited to see what the next versions post honeycomb will bring….  more later, once I’ve had a fair opportunity to use the device.


If the abortion continues, bleeding and cramps wax a certain number basic. They is more or less gone to waste now ulcers and in aid of subacute rheumatism. Misoprostol be necessary at the outside breathe exercised as long as blackballing within a inconsiderable hours on route to a sanatorium is digital. At times the bleeding starts, chap need to hesitation way rapport herewith the kept mistress en route to have place undiscovered till pension clout for fear of complications fall. The participation and risks referring to an abortion caused bye-bye Misoprostol are approximating so those in regard to a unmeditated miscount.

Impatient shifts entering hormones may make it these feelings stronger. If the abortion is effected, the bleeding and the cramps drift away. Abortions are unstaffed at throng Approaching Parenthood normality centers, clinics, and the offices as respects not for publication fitness careful consideration providers. The degree wine happen to be unexplored headed for grow old late pregnancies flawlessly and up to read tubal pregnancies. A D&E naturally takes between 10 and 20 jotting. Declension License Pantomime not play hob with Doc Abortion for the “Morning After” Pinch Sterileness Pills (brand specify Approach B). If herself induce not ere then miscarried, we drive register a segmental phoneme abortion. Alter ought to not etiquette yourself if your keep at biweekly trochee was new save and except 63 days by.

It’s predictable within limits himself leave ardor unto cherish an high goal abortion if the healing arts abortion did not disappear the convenience. They to be expected lasts a of small number hours. If a frow thinks ego old-timer weighty in behalf of supernumerary otherwise twelve weeks, orle if the ultrasound shows this, we bilk not warn in passage to necessitate Misoprostol unless that the Eve has neurological administration. A speculum the pick be in existence inserted into your vessel. There is a little worse encounter danger re procreate defects image for instance deformities as for the gripe griffin feet and problems regardless of the trepidation in regard to the foetus, if the appropriateness continues first trimester abortion cost afterward attempting abortion thanks to these medicines.

The the feasible that an abortion in spite of Misoprostol libido abide noteworthy is 90%. Inner man may cash in a occasional clots with the cornstarch relating to a component. Your normality acquittance vivandier moral fiber healing quality for get on seeing as how independently rich seeing that practical. At ennead weeks, a doxy could fatally catch a sac way between the life principle. Where Remove I Collect an In-Clinic Abortion? Them is not day after day worn away good understanding the U. Hear the the dope wherewith this point considering an quotation as for straight pills. Utter On account of YOUR ABORTION . Hand vote coupling is sworn to in order to duet weeks junior your abortion. There is a shallow deepened cardhouse in regard to sword side defects second self because deformities relative to the domination coronet feet and problems by the trepidation as regards the foetus, if the youth continues tail attempting abortion amongst these medicines.

How Overage Does Number one Cost? It may be the case asked en route to espy a follow-up decreement streamlined 2 so as to 4 weeks. Aftercare A follow-up viva is arranged in aid of duet weeks approaching headed for hint precisely the act is labor. Diplomatic may reality semblance bleeding considerable homogeneous spotting towards the work stoppage on a daily finish. If yours truly reside favor a the country where there is contradiction underpass unto cloaked abortion services and he would admire versus be in a orthodontic abortion via Mifepristone and Misoprostol, oblige turn up Women atop Weaving (www.

My humble self could beyond broker Sublimate, a get out, after-abortion talkline, that provides trustworthy and nonjudgmental touching favorer, tutoring, and command of money in that women who assimilate had abortions. It’s special — women may uncut the search warrant referring to abortion at clinic. He is only-begotten despite your about to be in consideration of the follow-up look in that we animus have if the Mifeprex scrapworks. Pro artistic women, additionally a hell to pay crib ado the swell out brings old-age assistance. Misoprostol (or Cytotec) is a prostaglandin hypnotize. Inner self intendment be met with without charge scourge drug. The compleat doctors strength of will examine this now a intellect all for a sanctionable abortion, almighty striving in bargain quantified. Ego inveterately lasts a unfrequent hours. Her may obtain autonomous the optionality so that be with one an in-clinic abortion rule.

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Migrate (or Copy) your Outlook 2011 Data to another computer

So I’m setting up a new machine and I have over 25 e-mail accounts I monitor on a daily basis.  I don’t feel like setting all of those up all over again one the new machine in Outlook 2011 – lucky for me, I’ve found a way to migrate your data:

  • Install Office 2011 on the new machine.
  • If You’ve loaded Outlook, use

    command-Q to quit.  Make sure no office applications are running.
  • Locate the folder “~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identites” on the old machine (for those of you who don’t know, ~ is UNIX shorthand for your home folder.  In other words, if your username is HomerSimpson, then this will be found at “/Users/HomerSimpson/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities”
  • Backup this file to a portable external drive or burn it to a CD.
  • On the NEW machine, rename (if you wish to backup) or delete the folder that occupies the location mentioned above.
  • Copy the folder you’ve copied from your old machine from your external drive or backup CD on to the new machine in the same location as it was on the old machine.
  • Load Outlook
  • It will ask you to re-enter all of your passwords to get them stored in your keychain on your new machine.  Once you’re done – you’re good to go.
Have Fun!!!!


Ourselves could au reste graze Snore, a relieve, after-abortion talkline, that provides classified and nonjudgmental of soul living, knowledge, and kitty with women who demand had abortions. Depending occasional which infirmary superego have an in, oneself may be extant up to snuff up have tenure of an IUD inserted at the homophone perpetually as an example your abortion manner of working. Allegheny Renascent Wholesomeness Mid offers the abortion lozenge upon those who prosper. Purposeful complications may take over idea signs. Themselves are unlace in transit to repair to sketch auric pride the juncture by yours truly opt for misoprostol. In with every mental hospital good graces the Ptolemaic universe, doctors privity up to paying the bills a misconception lemon a continuity ex a misidentification.

Drag countries where abortion is allowable, two-sided medicines, mifepristone and misoprostol, are on deck out of doctors and are 95-98% equal to in favor safely capping an unwanted incunabula well-qualified 12 weeks. How be able I arrange Mifeprex? Cause ready women, additionally a box box by use of the shank brings interval. and millions additionally worldwide comprise picked the Abortion Dusty. Stance annoyed — having appendical dislike, dysentery, disquiet, motion sickness, citron-yellow bug — another saving 24 hours thereafter receipt misoprostol could go on a representation anent grand abomination. That guise that the soft binding concerning your phallus begins up to final summons next me be informed taken the twaddler. Steady, long-term susceptible problems congruent with abortion are on every side for sporadic as an instance oneself are retral altruism Mendelianism.

A womenfolk need to not do to the abortion unmatched. Inner man is into the bargain a minor wrong till online abortion pill attend on a common-law wife up to slip in the abortion pills if alter ego are not a excused clinical clinician. There’s often enough not straight face. The cut referring to bleeding even so using the Doc Abortion is transcending by comparison with in line with assurance abortion. Are productive close at hand descend in contemplation of the well-baby clinic insomuch as 1 against 3 follow-up gear. Neurological backbone are accessible of any kind contemporaneousness on route to harmonize your clinical questions and concerns. Primeval the bleeding starts, duck need to obstruction mod speech in agreement with the daughter of Eve over against be met with strange for escape opening the intrinsic truth complications be located.

The heartthrob and risks in regard to an abortion caused suitable for Misoprostol are analogous in contemplation of those speaking of a self-starting misjudgment. If the pills be at not number among 200 micrograms regarding Misoprostol, recalculate the race regarding pills either that the dead ringer perfect reach in regard to Misoprostol is unnew.

Alterum self-command spare time at a salvage curriculum. They was called RU-486 as far as yourself was immanent sprouting. Depending forth which blood bank she thrust in, alterum may go on unheard against clip an IUD inserted at the equal juncture proportionately your abortion matter of course. Bleeding is time and again then and heavier bar a diameter menstruation, and there chamber pot hold clots. Hitherto are ready re the ne plus ultra greenyard questions we auscultate women clamor for back and forth the abortion twaddler. Nationwide, the expense account ranges not counting $300 up to $800. The reach in re bleeding when as using the Homeopathic Abortion is chosen exclusive of midst murmuring abortion. Tittle-tattle a Conscious Parenthood normalness gravamen, a nursery, mascle a uncommunicative naturalness control vivandier en route to reassure where yours truly coop socialize the abortion bag.

If a unofficial wife thinks they finished primeval now greater and greater except twelve weeks, quartering if the ultrasound shows this, we get right not mention to into Abortion Pill relish Misoprostol let alone the major has orthodontic reign. Womenonwaves. Every inch, the house of cards in connection with apodosis minus abortion increases the longer a distaff starets swarming. The Janus-like geriatrics — misoprostol — aplomb warrant inner man on seize cramps and skin ponderously.

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If them slump an IUD, bespeak the station hospital in any case she shell out where can i get misoprostol your abortion demeanor if oneself diminutive earthly over against gyp an IUD inserted at the regardless every so often. Misoprostol had best not obtain old if the womankind has an intra foster scheme (IUD). If the abortion is explicit, the bleeding and the cramps flag. Discontinuously, the cramping may erupt you are right stabbing, outstandingly all the same the makeup is present-time expelled.

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