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Monitoring My Home Network

As I have mentioned on this blog more times than I care to remember, I’m a bit of a geek.  I love tech, love making tech work well, and love integrating tech into anything where tech can be integrated.  One of the places I have decided to integrate as much tech as possible is in my home.  This is not unique, most homes nowdays are getting exceedingly complex, simply because the range of “cool” devices for the home is growing.  In fact, home networks are sometimes as complex as a small business or small corporate networks.  

Unfortunately for most people, integrating tech into their home means huge expense, because the only choices are to buy (more expensive and generally poor performing) wireless devices, or to retrofit a finished home with wiring to support the necessary infrastructure.  Retrofit usually means tearing apart walls, rebuilding walls, and trying to snake cables through existing walls.

Knowing the pain that this causes, when I was building my house 8 years ago, I wanted to run tons of wire to support anything that I could dream up.   Technology 8 years ago wasn’t anywhere near where it is today – but I knew it would get there, and I knew awesome hardware would only come down in price.

For starters, I wanted multiple three way jacks in every room of the house – each containing two pieces of CAT-5e (For phone and gigabit ethernet, or dual gigabit ethernet) and a piece of quad-shield RG6 (for cable TV).  I also wanted to run speaker wire in the living room for surround sound, and speaker wire into all of the bedrooms and the ceilings of the bathrooms.  Additionally, I wanted to install my own alarm system – I didn’t want the cookie cutter piece of crap my homebuilder offered – I wanted an alarm with the features I wanted, the sensors I wanted, and wanted it all installed the way I wanted it installed and where I wanted it installed.  Finally, I wanted to run some power wire and RG-6 to several points on the outside of the house so that I could easily install a surveillance system.  At the time, that seemed nutty – but today they are so reasonably priced, I’m glad I ran the wire long ago.

Keep in mind, I decided to build this house when I was 26 years old.  I knew that I wouldn’t be able to afford everything right away – but, wire is relatively cheap.  Wiring a newbuilt home is especially affordable when you can run it yourself before the drywall is installed and pay your friends to help with a couple of cases of bud light =).

So… I bought almost two miles of wire.  More quad shield RG-6, CAT-5e, Speaker Wire, Power Wire, and other miscellaneous wire than you could possibly imagine.  Enough wire that it took me two trips in my 1993 Eagle Talon hatchback (with the seats DOWN, mind you) to get it out to my house.  Now, if you saw my house – you’d wonder where in the hell all this wire was going to go.  I live in a modestly sized home (1700-ish square feet) on a slab.  It took an entire weekend – but I ran nearly all of that wire – even to places I didn’t know if I would ever need it.

Flash forward 8 years to today.  Nearly every wire has been properly terminated and is active and available for use.  I use business class networking gear and firewall and have a 50 megabit internet connection.  My surveillance system is active and can be monitored even when away from home.  The alarm is exactly the way I wanted it, my home entertainment center is modest but all of the wires are hidden, and all of the rooms upstairs have volume controls and in-wall or in-ceiling speakers.

So – it’s done?  No way.  “Done” is not in my DNA.  I continually upgrade and replace hardware, and sell my old goods on eBay to keep the tech fresh in my house.  As my network has grown and gotten faster, it’s reach has gotten further (external devices remote from my home), and it has gotten more complex – I decided it was time to start monitoring it.

This is especially more important to me now that some internet service providers are starting to monitor their users and apply caps.  My ISP is not one of those, but it really has myself asking “how much bandwidth do I use?”.  Most of my services in my house (netflix, xbox live, vonage, etc) all consume bandwidth just to operate – and to me, these are very much all “black box devices” and I have no idea what they are using.  So I have decided to start a series of articles describing the answers to this very question.  So to start off, I wanted to describe my home network and how I’ll be monitoring it with an awesome piece of software provided to me from Paessler called PRTG Network Monitor.

So – below you will find a diagram of the majority of the devices in my home – not everything is on this particular diagram, but the most important bits are:

Crazy eh?  Yeah – I didn’t realize how much crap I had until I set out on this trek to start monitoring everything.

So, from the outside world, my home is connected to the internet via a 50 megabit cable connection through a Motorola DOCSIS 3 cable modem.  This connection offers a pretty stable 50 megabits downstream and 5 megabits upstream – more than enough to supply my media devices with the media they need, allow me to VPN into my network to use my resources or monitor surveillance from remote if needed, and provide some extra speed so that surfing the web doesn’t slow to a crawl just because I’m watching netflix.

The motorola cable modem meets my home by way of a Cisco ASA 5505 firewall appliance.   From here, access is split through the house via two Gigabit Cisco SRW2016 business class switches – one in the computer room, and another downstairs.

All of the desktop and laptop computers in my house are really focused on performance – they all have SSDs for their boot drives, and on laptops – this is the only drive.  They have a minimum of 8GB of RAM, and powerful processors.  Since space comes at a premium on SSDs – none of my laptops and desktops contain anything more than temporary data.

So where is all of the data?  It’s on the server.  The main machine that is the centerpiece of the home is a dual quad core Nehalem Xeon server with 4TB of RAID5 disk space, 24GB of RAM, and dual gigabit ethernet adapters.  This contains a basic O/S install that houses a few fileshares and a copy of VMWare server.  VMWare runs five seperate Virtual machines – a Domain Controller, a Subversion Server, a Web/Email Server (internal only – used for development testing), a generic Windows XP Snapshot VM that I use whenever I want to “test” a piece of software and then revert to a clean image, and a newly added PRTG Network monitor machine.

The rest of the devices in the home are either wired or wireless, but are mostly either network appliances or network connected media devices, printers, or other simple systems.

So – that is a quick introduction to what is going on in my world.  This network started with a single domain controller and two laptops and over the years has evolved into this behemoth.  This network not only keeps me entertained at home, it also supports my livelihood.  Being a professional developer by trade, this network often serves as an important test bed for products or technologies that I am working on.

As you can see, without a proper monitoring solution – outages or breaks in my network can be as hard to find in my home as they would be in a small corporate network.  Keep in mind that networks like mine are becoming more and more commonplace in homes as even the most mundane devices are given wireless network access.

Over the next several months, I am going to be posting several articles ranging from the installation and configuration of PRTG Network Monitor (in my experience, the best network monitoring product you can find, bar none), to real world findings as I continually monitor the network I just described.  Specifically, I am interested to see exactly how much data I use over a month, a quarter, and a year with devices like AppleTV, XBox, Vonage, etc.  It is by monitoring my usage that I hope to put some sense behind the bandwidth caps that some ISPs are enforcing nowdays.

Now – keep in mind, I don’t torrent, I don’t host a website or e-mail server in my home, etc.  Regardless of how crazy my network configuration seems – my usage model is pretty standard.  I’m hoping that my real world results will equate similarly with that of many of my readers, and I hope you will find it interesting.   Cant wait to share again once I’ve collected a year or so of data.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – first impressions

So – I’m working on some android ports of some of my popular apps through my company, GeekUtils.  I have a Nexus One for testing with a phone – but I didn’t have a tablet and decided it was time to buy one.

I had some Best Buy gift cards floating around, and I wanted to pick up my new toy in the store on a Friday – so buying my first choice (The Asus Transformer) was out.  I read good things about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I like the form factor (it’s about the same size as my iPad 2) – so thats what I went with.

Writing an in-depth review at this point is impossible, simply because I have not had that much time to play with it – besides, there are already hundreds of reviews out there.  Instead, I’ll post some categorized “likes and dislikes” from my point of view.

Aesthetics – Likes:

  • Size: Slightly narrower than the iPad2 and slightly taller, it averages out to “about” the same size.  It’s *barely* thinner than the iPad2, but if you’ve installed the smart cover on your iPad2, like most people have, it’s about the thickness of the smart cover itself thinner…. they’re that close.
  • Speakers: This tablet is obviously intended to be used the majority of the time in landscape mode.  Like the iPad, orientation switches automatically – but unlike the iPad, the speakers are on opposite ends on the short sides of the device, the dock connector is on one of the long sides, and the volume/wake switch is on the long side opposite the dock connector.  It’s a bit weird to get used to, because with the iPad2, I use it mostly in portrait orientation – with the galaxy, it spends 90% of it’s time in landscape.  This does, however, create some cool bonuses:
    • The dock connector is on the long side.  If you get a dock with a keyboard, similarly to the Asus Transformer, this thing would look about like a mini laptop.  Many people like to browse webpages on their iPad2’s in landscape mode, but with the dock connector on the bottom – unless you are using a bluetooth keyboard, you don’t have this “convertible” feel.
    • The speakers being on the left and right sides when held in landscape create a great spatial awareness if you’re playing a game or watching a movie that takes advantage of stereo sound.  The iPad2 only has one speaker – on the bottom, so unless you’re using headphones, you don’t get the same quality of audio.
  • The screen is good – resolution is 1280×800, which is slightly higher than the iPad2’s 1024×768 screen.  It’s not so much higher that it makes you ooh and ahh, but it’s definately slightly more crisp.
  • The weight is good – slightly lighter than the iPad – but I believe this is due to the amount of plastic – which, you will see below, is one of my dislikes.
Aesthetics – Dislikes:
  • Plastic:  Ugh.  I was stoked by pictures when it looked like it had a brushed aluminum back.  The problem is, it’s got a PLASTIC faux brushed aluminum back.  It just feels a little cheap.  This may have been done to save cost and weight – but it’s proven that sometimes, a little extra weight adds a subconscious feeling of “quality” to a device.  This device just FEELS cheaper than an iPad2.
Performance – Likes:
  • Feels snappy.  Web browsing is quick and easy, touch sensitivity is good, appears to have plenty of power to run some background tasks without making me kick off ATK every 2 minutes to kill something
Performance – Dislikes:
  • Screen rotation is choppy.  Once the animation starts, it’s fine – but there is a lag between when you tilt the device and when it decides to rotate of almost two seconds sometimes.  Initially I thought that this was done so that you dont have the flipflop of the screen when you hold it at a slight angle (reading while lying down, for example) – but in reality – it just delays that from occuring and pisses you off more when it happens.
OS – Likes:
  • Honeycomb has some cool views of running apps, and some other great features that are remiss in the phone versions of the software.
  • Use of multitouch is worthy of the tablet.
OS – Dislikes
  • Android is simply not as user friendly as iOS.  I’m a geek and love to tinker with things, but I don’t think I could ever recommend an android device to, say, my mom.  She’d go crazy.  Some things that should be second nature just aren’t.
  • Configuration is still as clumsy as it is on the phone
  • Requirement of a google account is just plain silly…  Google integrates a little too much, IMHO.  I’m not sure I want google syncing all of my crap all of the time – I’d rather it just keep certain things separate and restricted to the device.
  • Apps.  Oh…  the apps.  There is more garbage in the android market than there is garbage on the planet.  People give Apple hell for policing what gets posted, but one look at the Android market will show you why they do.  Why in the hell does a screen saver app require full network access and access to my phone book?  This is further complicated because most of the Android devs seem to be completely ignoring the fact that Honeycomb exists.  Nearly every app that has been worthy of a download doesn’t know what Honeycomb is and basically runs as if it’s a big ass phone.  Hopefully this picks up soon, but for now, it’s frustrating.  My contention is that until Google gets a grip on the hardware stream – this will continue – Devs are too busy keeping up with varying phone hardware and now they gotta throw tablets into the mix.  NOW – the big companies – Rovio, EA, etc…  their apps are usually stellar and support Honeycomb – so if you only get apps from big companies, you’re likely to have fun and get the full experience.  But if you like to tinker and try to find that “gem” of an app from an unknown – good luck, bring your shovel, and start digging.
General – Dislikes:
  • Apple is fully justified in their current lawsuit about Samsung copying their devices.  Even the dock connector on this thing is modeled after the iPod/iPad power adaptor.  The plugs and dock connector even look identical (although not interchangeable)
Overall – its a pretty cool device that will spend a lot of time on my shelf unless I’m developing.  The experience of picking up a tablet and quickly surfing the web or checking e-mail just isn’t as good on Android.  It’s evolving, and it’s getting better.  Part of this is just that I’m older now than I used to be – and I have limited patience for finding ways to be productive on new tech, new devices, or new hardware.   The other part is that I am that way because I’ve grown to expect new tech to be intuitive and not even need a manual or constant tinkering to find the good bits.  This is where iOS has an advantage, in my opinion…  I’ve yet to see someone pick up an iPad and not instantly figure out the majority of what’s required to use it.
I’m excited to see what the next versions post honeycomb will bring….  more later, once I’ve had a fair opportunity to use the device.


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Why the lawsuit claiming AT&T over-bills data usage may not be valid

So, today I was looking through one of my favorite sites for Apple news and I came across an article entitled “AT&T Sued Over Alleged Overbilling for iOS Device Data Usage“.  Apparently, there is a class action lawsuit brewing alleging that AT&T overbills iPhone and iPad users for

data usage.  Unfortunately, I think there are a couple of flaws in this lawsuit.

The first is that the plaintiffs are stating that AT&T systematically overbills clients for data usage even when the device is not using any data.  Of course, the yardstick they are using to measure that the phone is “not using data” is the claim that they are turning off push notifications, turning off applications, and allowing the phone to sit unused.  The main problem here is that there is no evidence cited that will prove that the phone or pad isn’t actually using data.  What do I mean?  Let me explain.

First, Push Notifications.  The way Apple implements push notifications, in some instances, the device STILL RECEIVES the notification – it just ignores it if you have disabled it.  Some apps (like Facebook) have their own push notification control panel, while others (and most of them) use the standard Apple provided push notification management system where your decision to opt-out of notifications is made by visiting the Notification Settings control panel on the device.  In this control panel, you can disable all notifications, or you can go in on an app-by-app basis and disable alerts, badges, and sounds.  Disabling all three of these supposedly disables the notification.

Here’s the kicker – from what I can tell – this doesn’t DISABLE push notifications – it simply tells your device when they come in to ignore them.  I’ve implemented a push notification server for my company, GeekUtils.  When a developer like myself implements a push notification server a couple of things happen.

  • User installs app that has notifications
  • App asks user whether they would like to receive notifications
  • If the user says yes, the device provides a unique push identifier that the developer can then use to send push notifications to that specific device.
  • If the user says no, the device provides a unique push identifier that the developer can then use to send push notifications to that specific device.
  • User receives (or doesn’t receive) push notifications depending on their initial setting
  • At some point in time, the user decides to change their mind and if they were RECEIVING notifications, they turn it off.  If they were not, they turn them on.  At this point, the user is configuring their opt-in or opt-out status in a device control panel OUTSIDE of the application that will push.  This changes nothing from the developer’s perspective, and the developer never receives notification of this settings change.
As you can see – installing an app with PUSH will *always* register the device with the app developer’s push server.  Until the user uninstalls this app, or until they go off-network for quite some time, the push notification server will assume the device is active.  It is only after many days of no response (no network at all) or removing the app that Apple’s servers will notify the developer’s servers that the Push identifier for that device is invalid.  So, when the developer pushes something to that device ID for that app, their server will connect to the Apple Push notification servers and submit the push notification payload.  The Apple servers will process the payload and will then send the push to the device specified by the unique device identifier.  It is only at the final endpoint where the push notification will be displayed or ignored depending on the user’s setting on the device.
In other words, if you have 20 apps installed on your phone that all support push notifications, and the only way to configure those notifications is by Apple’s built-in push notification settings control panel, even if you have them all disabled for push – your phone or pad is still receiving the push notification payload – it’s just not showing it to you.  In other words, yes, you are burning data even though it’s not benefitting you.  Like I mentioned, some apps (like facebook) allow you to configure push notifications INSIDE the app – this is different.  In most of these cases, the developer of the app is recording that you don’t want to receive the notification, and they do NOT send the notification to Apple’s servers unless you go back into the app and enable push.  Most apps, however, do not work this way.
At first this may seem nonsensical, but in reality, it makes perfect sense.  Especially when you use devices like the iPod Touch which don’t have an always on internet connection, this gives you the ability to change these settings in the device control panel at will, whether on-line or off-line, and your wishes will be granted.  it provides a happy medium where your users have access to use a great service, but the developers don’t have tons of code to implement opt-in/opt-out settings, need to worry about checking for changes since the last launch before sending a push, or the need to create complicated bi-directional communication paths between Apple, the developer, and the devices which are constantly banging on the network and the device.
As described in the Apple Push Notification Programming Guide, push notifications have a maximum payload of 256 bytes which is very small – so with an app that doesn’t blast you with notifications, this shouldn’t be an issue.  Now, because the payload is what the developer is sending you – let’s assume that there is a 10% overhead of other binary data

that “packages” the push payload.  So given this – we will assume a notification size of 282 bytes.
Now, the lawsuit appears to cite a sample where a phone accumulated 2,292kb of data usage over a 10 day period “without being touched”.  Assuming this is true, and using the law of averages – that’s 229.2kb of data per day.  229.2kb of data comes out to around 29,338 bytes.  Assuming the max push payload size of 282 bytes, this equates to around 104 push notifications per day.  Now – this sounds rediculous – but if you have a bunch of apps like Mashable, ESPN, Twitter, CNN, and others on your phone – this isn’t out of the ordinary.
Combine this with the fact that this is data being received by pushes that were thought to be “disabled” – it becomes easy to imagine how one could receive this many notifications.  Let’s say for example you have 26 apps on your phone, you have push enabled on four or five of them – but on the rest, push is disabled.   All that would have to happen is for each app to send you four notifications per day and you’ve hit your 104 target.  Given that it’s even more common nowdays for people to have upwards of 100 apps on their phone, it’s easy to see how significant amounts of data could be consumed even if you’re not “receiving” (read: viewing) the push notifications.
Now, This is based upon my understanding of how push works – and what I have witnessed through my own apps.  All I know is that I send pushes to all devices whether push is enabled or not.  My assumption is that Apple does not do any further filtering on these notifications – your device does.   Given the technical challenges of supporting a notification system that must deliver the best service possible through online/offline scenarios, this is also perfectly logical and IMHO, the system is very well designed.
The other flaw in this suit is that it completely discredits the fact that these are basically computers.  If you are on a limited data plan on a cellular card for a normal laptop computer, and you leave it sit for 10 days, connected, in your laptop but never “use” the laptop – I’m sure you’d be surprised at the amount of data the computer consumes just sitting idle – even if you are not using it.  Computers are constantly communicating on a network if it’s available, regardless of whether you are actively using the connection – it’s a side effect of being connected and desiring that “always on” connection expected today.  Renewing DHCP leases, communicating with DHCP servers, responding to network ACKs or pings – all of this stuff consumes data with no apparent benefit to you – but it’s required…. deal with it.
If the people filing this suit had half a brain, they would have turned WiFi on and used a network analysis tool to figure out how much data the device consumes when sitting idle over WiFi.  The device doesn’t discriminate – it will keep a network connection active whether it’s WiFi or Cellular – so analyzing the WiFi vs. Celluar traffic should yield consistent results given the same scenarios.  This would be easy enough to do by dropping a halfway decent managed switch in front of a wireless access point, and then observing the network traffic to/from the iPhone/iPad using any common network analyzer.
I’m willing to bet given this scenario, they also would have seen 2,292kb of network usage over the same 10 day period given, and they could have actually SEEN the contents of the traffic.  I’m willing to bet that it was composed of network maintenance/queries/responses and push notifications they thought were disabled.  In the end, however, I doubt very seriously it’s AT&T billing them “for the hell of it”.  I’d like to see them perform the same test by taking a newly activated iPhone, with no third party apps installed, and let it sit over 10 days.  I’m betting it still uses data, just not as much.
Just my .02.


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