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Lenovo S10 is a solid performer with Windows 7

One of the biggest concerns I had with Windows7 were the claims that it was even lighter weight than prior operating systems.  As most of us developers already know, this statement is generally B.S.  The more advanced the version number, the more bloated the code, right?  Not so much.  As you can see from the performance specs attached to this blog post – the numbers for the Atom are relatively low (2.2 on a scale that goes to 7.9) – but I am very impressed thus far with the snappiness of Windows 7 – it actually “feels” quicker than the previous Windows XP Pro install.

Now, I have added a 2GB RAM stick to the Lenovo S10, and have also added a WD Scorpio 7200RPM 320GB SATA HDD.  This is reflected in the overall performance specs.  As a matter of fact, I installed Windows 7 64-bit on my Mac Pro with a relatively lackluster WD 2500KS 250GB drive and the benchmark on the S10 is actually better than that of the drive in the Mac Pro!  Another interesting note is that it is well known that the Lenovo S10 has a two gigabyte memory limit, it comes with 512MB on the board, and then with a 2GB stick – you still only see 2GB of RAM instead of 2.5GB in Windows XP or Vista.  Suprisingly, Windows 7 is reporting the full 2.5 GB.  I dont know if this means it can use it or if it just knows that it is there, but it is definately reporting the extra 512MB correctly.

The other benefit thus far to Windows 7 is battery life.  My typical full battery drains on the S10 have been around 2.75 to 3 hours at best when using the balanced power plans.  My first two full battery drains since switching to windows 7 have yielded 3.25 and 3.5 hours runs – impressive to say the least – especially given that my S10 only has the standard 3 cell battery.

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Windows 7 Delivers on promise of faster networking.

* DISCLAIMER – Windows 7 is beta software which means that any benchmarking results regarding networking performance are not necessarily representative of the results expected by the final product, NOR are they intended to indicate the performance of the final product.

That being said, as I sit here and type this entry, I am happily uploading a ghost backup of my latest Windows 7 installation from my Lenovo S10 to my server for archiving.  Although that doesnt sound that interesting, I am monitoring the networking tab in task manager, and what is interesting is that for the first time in a long time, I am seeing 98% network utilization.

The 10GB file that I am sending to my server over a 100 megabit connection is averaging around 9.64 MB per second – respectable since this same machine, after all patches to Vista were applied, struggled to get 2MB when performing the same task.  As a true test, I installed Windows7 on my Mac Pro this evening.  With a gigabit network connection, I was hoping to see at least 20-30 MB per second speed for successful proof that Windows7 has licked the Vista networking woes.  On the Mac Pro, I struggle to sustain a 10-15MB per second transfer despite a gigabit connection with Vista 64 Ultimate.

I’m happy to report that in my 2GB file test, on the Mac Pro with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit beta 7000, I was able to average over 60MB/s on a gigabit upload.  Averaging 80-90% utilization!   Hooray Microsoft!!  In my preliminary testing of this beta at least, the default configuration seems to bypass all of the networking woes that Vista was plagued with.